Who are the peoples that affect a student to become a best character person?

There are many people's that affect a student to become a best character person. The main factor that affects a child character is their family. If a child character is based on their family background. In the modern life, children's not get enough love from their parents. In the modern world, all are busy with their own work and no one have the time to think about others feelings and all are busy with collecting the money. Some students are think about suicide for silly matters also. The main reason for student's suicide is because of weak relationships. Relationships are gift of god so try maximum to hold good relationships. A good relationship can able to affect a student to become a best character person. As a student you spend the most of the time with your family so, family has the main involvement in your character building case. If the families which don't love each other than their Childs are also follow the same and they also don't love others and their character become very badly. A child first follows their family behavior and after the family next their character based on their friends character. Mainly the lectures have the responsibility to change students character best way. We want good students because students are the next future of our society. As a student, after completing the course you should become a best citizen. Your society wants you and they have some expectations on you.

Family has main involvement in a child character. Now, children's are not getting love from their parents. Parents are busy with work and they concentrate only to collect money. First of all money is not enough for live. Success is not based on money. Success is only based on happy. A family have more money but no one have time to speak with others and don't have good relationship with each other than that family members don't feel happy and they don't have any meaning for their life. Those peoples definitely have more money but they never can able to enjoy their life. A student follows their family member's characters. If their family members are selfish then definitely their children's also have the same character. There are some students; they don't give respect to ages persons. The basic characters are study from home. A child first meets their parents and other family members. Child first concentrates on family member's behavior and automatically they try to follow the same. The bet character that a person should have is first of all good behavior. A student becomes best person it is related to that student behavior. A good student becomes a good citizen. The society need good future so, we all are have the responsibility to build good students.

Friends also have a best involvement in a student's character. The bad relations affect a student character very badly. Compare to bad and good relation, commonly students first attract the bad relationship. Bad relationships have the power to attract others. A student character is also based on their friend's character. If they have bad friends then definitely it will be seen in their character. Who which have bad friends they not respect others and they don't give good value to the relationships. Some cases those bad relationship make a person very different person and they hate their family and start bad habits and it push that person to do criminal activities. A person becomes a criminal only because of their bad relationship. The bad peoples don't have any life plan or any goals. A best person should have some goals. Here in the academic also all students are having some goals. All students are not having same goals, teachers try to understand their student's goals and give good guidelines to meet the goals. Teachers aim is to build good characters in their students. Teachers teach good behaviors. A good student should have helping nature. Here in the case of a student, not all students have money; some families have some financial problems. A student supposes forgot to take tiff inbox then a good character student share food with others. If a friend has any problem then a good student tries to solve the problems and give confidence. Communication skill is very important.

The main reason for increasing the suicide is because of weak communication with others. A good relationship make a person always happy and here they share the feelings with each other and if anyone have any kind of problems then share with others and find good solution for that problem. Sharing feelings with others is best method to avoid the tension. In the case of good friends, they share their feeling with others and they help their friends. All students are not equally talented so, good students are helping other students to score best marks in their academic. A student character is changed based on their relationships. For good character make good relationships.

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