Importance of good classroom atmosphere in academic life

Class room atmosphere is a one of the important factor for affecting the students. It is more affected on the students learning. The students learning well in a supportive and positive environment. A good atmosphere is essential for the students learning. The teachers role for creating positive atmosphere for the student is not at all simple. The class room atmosphere is based on different factors, the teacher, students, structure of the class room are engaged into a class room. A good and pleasant atmosphere gives positive energy for leaning. The students will feel very happy and get energy for doing the academic activities. All teachers and school managements are takes more care on the class room atmosphere. All students education is more depending on the class room. Creating the positive class room atmosphere is most important. First of all the teachers create a welcome environment for the students by arranging the bench and desks orderly, painting the wall and draw some funny wall pictures, provide black board and projector for teaching. The students wants to feel they all are part of the class, that is teach all values like self respect, helping mentality, honesty, generosity. The class discipline is another important factor of the class room atmosphere. The discipline includes the uniform, attendance, school assembly, behavior of the student, etc. The dressing code is common for all school and classes. The class room atmosphere is the part of school atmosphere, so the school atmosphere is more important. The nature, structure are also effecting on a class room. A good class room will contain good ventilation, light. Ventilation is more important for the class room structure, because the fresh air is important for the development of brain. Making the good atmosphere for student is the role of teachers and the school management. By teaching very friendly, provide study materials, provide a good background, give freedom, and make a good natural feeling by planting the trees.

The class room is a part of school. The teachers, students and atmosphere are also the part of school. So the term class room atmosphere is more important for the structure of school. Teachers are the role model of the students so the teachers will show always happy. The teachers behave very closely to their children and give little freedom for playing and other activity. The teachers are the good instructor for all students. They are sharing the life stories and will giving good instruction for their bright future, also solving the students academic problems. All teachers are good friends. The structure of the class room also the part of class room atmosphere. That is, arrange all benches neatly and facing with the black board. The teachers will use the black board and the projector for teaching. The students will easy to memorizing the black board picture. The use of black board is a good way for teaching. The parents are also the part of good class room atmosphere. Both the parents and the teachers contain more responsibility for the students learning. The class meeting is another important term; to conducting the class meeting is the role of class teacher. At the class meeting the teachers and parents are sharing the whole details about the student, that is, sharing the students class performance, mark list, and other student related topics. To making a contact with teacher is also useful the parent, the parent easy to known the students class room performance. The students class room placement is also the part of class room atmosphere and make sure the perfect seat for all student. These are the common factor for the atmosphere of the class room. positive learning atmosphere is important for the students, it improving the students confidence and feel comfortable and safe.

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